The Magic of Botanicals

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The Magic of Botanicals

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds created by plants to protect them from environmental threats. These tiny organic molecules can also help the plant heal from infection and physical injury.

Because the chemical composition of DNA in plants and people is practically the same, essential oils can also support the human body in the same way they support plants.

We’ve been using plants to heal for thousands and thousands of years. With the rise of diseases like cancer being linked to the cocktail of toxic chemicals we use every day in our daily lives in cleaning products, skincare and scarily in suncream and even toothpaste, people are once again turning back to nature.

I started using essential oils when I was pregnant with my little boy. They got me through my labour and are now a staple in our house for everything from helping us get to sleep, breathe when we’re blocked up or lift our spirits if we are feeling down! I use them every single day.

This is the reason I have started The Magic of Botanicals. I want to help other mamas like me, who can struggle sometimes with emotional and mental health and who also want to look after their families in a natural way. I’ve also been using the Bach Flower Remedies (more about them to come) and am now training to become a registered practitioner. Did you know there’s an essential oil and a Bach flower remedy for practically every negative emotion you can think of!

“Much of the modern illness we face is a reflection of life out of balance - with nature, with daily rhythms, with ourselves.

To restore balance and return to nature is to return to ourselves, and this is the beginning of our healing.”

Aviva Romm, M.D.

There’s really no reason to struggle on through feeling crap because you’re not keen on taking pills to “fix” it. Having an essential oil to diffuse or even roll on to my skin on the days I’m struggling and counting down till naptime/bedtime has been a lifesaver! It is also lovely to have that moment when you just take a minute to breathe it in, a moment of calm in the chaos!

There are even oils to help with toddler tantrums, total lifesavers! A dab on them and a dab on you and everyone is a lot calmer. Oils for teething are another essential in our house.

The Magic of Botanicals

My friend from uni, we studied Plant Science together introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. She has 5 children so is even more of a convert than me!! She also swears by them. She told me all the ways they were helping her family and I was intrigued. I looked into it but was quite shocked at how expensive they were, especially compared to other run of the mill oils.

But being a plant scientist (talking to another plant scientist!) my friend explained to me the lengths doTERRA go to in order to make sure their oils are the some of the purest in the world. The potency of the oil extracted from the plant is hugely dependent on the time of day or year it is harvested, the part of it’s lifecycle at harvest time, the geographic location (not all soils are created equal) and the weather. doTERRA don’t farm their own plants, they work with farmers from all over the world who wild forage where possible or organically farm the plants where they naturally thrive. They also work directly with the knowledgeable local growers and harvesters in co-impact sourcing initiatives, creating sustainable jobs, with the profits going directly back to them, cutting out the middle man. Since doTERRA started working in Nepal the famers income has increased 2400%!

If you watch the first video below Dr. David Hill, one of the founders of doTERRA, explains how the purity and potency of the oil determine the effect it will have. They’re also safe (some to avoid still) to use on babies and children, which reassures me. I don’t feel comfortable using off the shelf essential oils because even many of the suppliers can’t guarantee their purity to the levels doTERRA can. Not all oils are created equal either and they are sadly subject to adulteration with fillers and other really nasty products you really wouldn’t want to put on your own skin let alone that of your children.

So that’s why I am hooked on these oils, not only are they the most potent and pure money can buy but the company is protecting the environment and giving back to the people in the developing countries where a lot of the oils are found, creating jobs and schools and healthcare systems.


The best way to buy the oils is to join doTERRA and then you can save 25% off the wholesale price.

It costs £20 to join for your first year (then £15 annually and you get a free Peppermint oil!). This fee is waived if you buy a starter kit of oils. This starter kit pretty much covers all the everyday needs you will have as a family.

If you think you are likely to ever want to share the oils with your friends and family too (the oils will do the talking for you believe me!) then your best option is to join as an Independent Product Consultant, as you can earn money later down the line.

You don’t get this benefit if you join as a Wholesale Customer but you still get the 25% discount. Unless you’re absolutely adamant you’ll never want to earn points (you can buy more oils with points) from sharing them with your friends, which you’re likely to do naturally when they start asking about them, then sign up as an Independent Product Consultant (now known as Wellness Advocates). There’s no difference in price and nothing will happen unless you want it to.

doTERRA Membership Options Table

If you’d like to start helping your family in a more natural way with oils then you can. You’ll just need to put in my doTERRA ID, which is 5486010.


Just shout if you have any questions!